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Welcome to Jersey Shore Body Wraps

For Healthy Beauty
Come to our natural and organic spa to rejuvenate and achieve your goals to a healthier more beautiful you.

Experience the difference with an organic manicure or pedicure...

Reduce stress and relax with a massage using organic essential oils and creams…

say goodbye to dry dull skin with a hydrating organic facial…

detoxify and lose inches with a Mineral Body Wrap…

release heavy metal toxins with an Ionic Foot Cleanse.

These are just a few ways we can help you achieve health and wellness.

We've Moved To a New Location

Jersey Shore Body Wraps is now located at 81 Main Street, Farmingdale NJ 07727

We Specialize in

Mineral Body Wraps

Our Body Wraps

Help you lose inches, Detoxify, Hydrate, Smooth Skin, Reduce Cellulite, Rejuvenate & more… Now you too can have the stars secret…body wrap before an event or obtain your goal to a healthier more beautiful you!

  •  SlenderTone Body Wrap
  •  Lazy Girl Wrap
  •  Anti-Aging Body Wrap
  •  Body-Lift Wrap
  •  The Lipase Body Wrap
  • Flat Tummy Wrap
  • Plus Many More